Viru Shopping Centre

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Year of completion – 2004
Number of shops – 109
Number of parking spaces – 456

Permanent lessees: Kaubamaja, Massimo Dutti, Aldo, River Island, Rahva Raamat, MyFitness

Visitors per day – 40 000
Visitors per month – 1 200 000

The establishment of Viru Keskus has secured a place in history as an important development in Tallinn city centre and a creator of the heart of the city. The opening of the centre in April 2004 changed the city centre and Viru Square permanently. The historic place is now an important part of urban movement patterns, a transport terminal, and a place of inspiration—the heart of the city that beats to the fullest.

The events that have taken place in the centre have been both pioneers and trendsetters, by bringing fashion as well as cultural events to the shopping centre for the first time in Estonian history. It has been place for gala concerts, theatre performances, art exhibitions and more. Viru Keskus is the creator of the spectacular fashion event FIBIT (Fashion Is Back In Tallinn), which takes place twice a year, and is a home of fashion to many high-quality brands and service stations.

The centre accommodates 109 representative stores, Estonia’s sole underground bus terminal, the largest bookstore in the Baltics (Rahva Raamat), as well as the Baltics’ largest beauty and jewellery zone, a modern fitness centre (MyFitness) and a semi-open rooftop car park for 456 cars.

Viru Keskus is the most visited centres in Estonia; it is also one of the most important meeting and hangout places in Tallinn, and the most popular centre to be embraced by the people of the city in the broadest sense. It is a shoppers’ paradise, and a place to run everyday errands, have meetings or spend time.


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There is  a large LED screen (7, 4×4,2m) on the facade of the Viru Shopping Centre, which have been installed above the Tammsaare Park entrance. The advertising clips are played on the screen as 180-second blocks between 8:00 and 22:00 a total of 280 times per day and 1,960 times per week.
Length of clip   1 day 1 week
Up to 10 sec 40 €  280 €
11-20 sec 55 €  385 €
21-30 sec 70 €  490 €


Advertisement compiled of 2-3 photos 185 €

Value Added Tax of 20% is added to the above prices. 

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Digital Screen


There is a ten 42-inch and two 65-inch FullHD digital screen in Viru Keskus. It is located in the area of most traffic, at the height of eyesight, that insures the best visibility for the advertisement. The advertising clips are played on the screen as 180-second blocks between 8:00 and 22:00 a total of 280 times per day and 1,960 times per week.

_DSC0158 _DSC0132 _DSC0171



Length of clip
1 päev 1 nädal
Up to 10 sec 50 €  350 €
11-15 sec 70 €  490 €
16-20 sec 90 € 630 €



Advertisement compiled of photos 185 €
Adaptation of an existing advertisement 165 €

Kõikidele hindadele lisandub käibemaks 20%.


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Shopping Centre Radio

An internal radio plays in the corridors of the Viru Shopping Centre, order on average 40 000 people would hear your clip each day. The advertising clip is played from 9 a.m to 10 p.m, advice altogether twice an hour, buy cialis 26 times a day and 182 times a week.


Lenght of the clip 1 day 1 week
Up to 10 sec 30 €  210 €
11-20 sec  40 €  280 €
21-30 sec  50 €  350 €


Production prices:

Single-voice radio advertisement designed with music 110 €


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Advertising spaces in car park and ground floor bus terminal

Parking barriers, 4 pcs  
420€ /week


Ceiling banners of the parking lot, up to 20 pcs



Asphalt decal, up to 4m2  


Product presentation, up to 2 car spaces

Production prices:

The price of an asphalt decal is 75€/m2. The definitive price depends on the size and format of the decal.

Prices exclusive of VAT at 20%.