• As of 1 September 2014, the media surfaces of Viru Keskus are managed by Cream.

    Viru Keskus has the highest visitor numbers of any centre in Estonia, where the daily number of visitors is over 40,000 people.

    In the centre, it is possible to display products and make product presentations. In addition, it is possible to hang banners in the atrium and install advertisement posters in the lightboxes located in the centre’s corridors.

    Advertisement stickers can be placed on the north gate swing door or the escalator’s steps. Radio clips can be played on the centre’s internal communication system and video clips on the new portrait-format digital screens of Viru Keskus.

    You can find more information about the surfaces and the prices here.

  • In July 2014, we installed modern digital screens in three shopping centres: Rocca al Mare, Kristiine, and Magistral.

    Cream’s 65-inch digital screens with portrait-format displays are placed in the centre’s corridors with most traffic. The screens are at eye-level and therefore have very good visibility. The screens can display videos in all common formats, such as a video, an animation or a simple digital poster.

    The clips are played on every screen up to 180-second blocks during the opening hours of the centre. Rocca al Mare Shopping Centre has 14 screens, Kristiine Shopping Centre has 15 screens and Magistral Shopping Centre has one screen.

    The screen solution was worked out in collaboration with Ströer, one of Germany’s biggest media companies, which owns and manages more than 1,500 digital screens.